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theatreWashington has heard the growing voices speaking out for justice, transformation, and accountability in the Washington theatre industry. We stand with you and the concerned community to create the changes that will make Washington area theatres more equitable and better places to work. Full statement...

  • Thru October 11, Round House Theatre offers "American Dreams" a live, interactive event of a government-run game show where contestants compete for the ultimate prize: instant citizenship to the United States. As a member of the online studio audience, you get to decide which of three hopeful immigrants most deserves the privilege of joining “the greatest nation on earth.” Tickets $30. Also, on October 13 (7pm), catch Round House's Free Virtual Town Hall “What does it mean to be a citizen?” to continue the conversation on issues explored in the 'American Dreams" Moderated by retired ABC-7 News Anchor and Marriott executive Kathleen Matthews, this live roundtable discussion asks a panel of experts and advocates to share their stories, weigh in on immigration rights in the US with a community Q&A session.

  • After careful planning and consideration, NextStop Theatre Company announces Parking Lot Concerts thru October 31 (Sats at 7:30pm). This special, limited series of outdoor concerts features some of the most talented and acclaimed performers in our history, transforminng the parking lot outside their building into an intimate outdoor venue and wine garden, with socially-distant, cafe-style seating for 40 patrons. Pack a meal, bring take out, or order from a local restaurant. NextStop will also offer beer, wine, and other soft drinks at their outdoor bar, arranged specially for these performances. Tickets $80 (table for two) or limited number of “standing room single stools” available for $40.

  • Solas Nua, the DC based Irish arts organization, has commissioned and presents a digital theatre world premiere. The play by Jeremy Keith Hunter, entitled with emojis, is an innovative blend of theatre and technology and an exploration of digital language, humorously showcasing how it helps and hinders human communication. Audiences are a part of the story in the participatory production that multi-tasks with a laptop and a smartphone. Both are not required, but dual devices are recommended for the optimal experience. October 1-11, tickets $20.

  • Shakespeare Theatre Company is extending an invitation to all for this year’s FREE Virtual Gala titled "Shakespeare Everywhere" - hosted by STC’s Artistic Director Simon Godwin, the hour-long event October 3 (7pm) will be a combination of live and recorded performances including performers from 25 countries in a truly worldwide celebration. Promising many exciting cameos from some of the world’s best beloved actors, Shakespeare Everywhere celebrates the legacy of Shakespeare Theatre Company and explores the contributions of great Black artists throughout theatre history. Performances and appearances by Angela Bassett, Merle Dandridge, Dame Judi Dench, Maureen Dowd, Harry Lennix, Norm Lewis, Joe Morton, Kalen Robinson, Courtney B. Vance, and more!

  • October 1-25, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company and Telephonic Literary Union repurpose the customer service hotline for stranger, more tender use in "Human Resources", an intimate audio anthology for remote times. "Human Resources" is the debut production of Woolly’s new digital season, Woolly on Demand, that accompanies its in-person offerings. "Woolly Mammoth is here to expand the definition of the theatrical experience, and Human Resources does exactly that, all from the safety of your own home.” Telephonic Literary Union makes stories for very small audiences using phones, thoughtfully curated environments, and the theater of the mind. Featuring new works by Brittany K. Allen, Christopher Chen, Hansol Jung and Zeniba Now, wherever you’re calling from, Human Resources is here for you. To file a claim or plan your escape, dial 1-800-804-1573. Tickets $7.

  • Join Studio Theatre for their virtual dance parties with conversation in collaboration with director, educator, theatre-maker—and now digital emcee—Psalmayene 24. The digital salons are an online gathering space to highlight the work of Black creatives, signal boost local and Black-owned businesses, and kick back to live music by DJ Nick tha 1da. NEXT on October 22 (5-6pm): Founders of Bronx, NY-based Universes theatre company Mildred Ruiz Sapp and Steven Sapp join host Psalmayene 24 to share their journey leading a theatre company determined to revolutionize American Theatre and challenge what it means to be an American Citizen.Past episodes now streaming. FREE


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