Flying V Fights: Bow Ties & Black Eyes

Event Type
Saturday, October 8, 8 PM

8641 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910
United States

Have you ever said to yourself “Wow, Professional Wrestling is pretty dramatic. The costumes, lights, sound effects, complicated stage combat choreography, and larger than life characters – all of that really reminds me of theatre!”? Flying V agrees with you. Profession Wrestling is theatre! And we’ve got the heroes fighting the villains Saturday Morning Cartoon-style in Silver Spring! Physical Storytelling on a square stage! Join us for theatre like you’ve never seen it before on October 8th! Flying V Fights takes to the ring with our fall wrestling show: Bowties & Blackeyes! 2 Hours of incredible, arcade-style action! The fate of the FighterVerse grows dim as the evil forces of TJAY SYKES and BOAR grow in numbers. High Art and Pop Art clash as BLANK and their ARTIST GALLERY enter the scene and look to throw a splash of violence on the canvas! Former friends-now-foes face off for the fate of the FighterVerse! Can our heroes rise to the challenge and save not only their friends… but the FighterVerse itself??